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Concrete Laser Flooring’s new Dry Shake Spreader Machine increases efficiency

Concrete Laser Flooring (CLF), a leader in seamless concrete flooring, recently imported a new Dry Shake Spreader Machine to add to their already highly mechanised operation. Being at the forefront of innovation and operational improvement, CLF is one of the first concrete flooring companies in South Africa to own a machine this advanced. 

The most significant advantages of the Spreader Machine are that it accelerates the application time of the dry shake hardener significantly and also improves the accuracy of application allowing for correct quantities of dry shake to be dispensed at the right time. 

By introducing the Spreader Machine into the process, CLF are now able to optimise operational efficiency even further. Being a company that remains at the forefront of innovation and continuous improvement CLF have now further enhanced their delivery process in terms of vastly increased efficiency. The company already utilises laser screed technology in the placing process, so the addition of such a machine completes the full mechanisation of the operation, allowing for the faster placing and finishing of concrete floors with much higher precision.

The spreader machine is utilised following the pouring of the concrete, at which point its calibrated vibration mechanism dispenses the dry shake hardener evenly and in the correct quantity onto the wet concrete.  Once the bleed water and dry shake have been combined effectively and the concrete is ready to finish, it is power floated using ride on trowel machines to create a hardened, flat surface. 


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