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Concrete Flooring Innovation

Concrete Flooring Innovation

Formed in 2003 by Peter Norton, Concrete Laser Flooring (CLF) has become one of the largest commercial and industrial concrete flooring contractors in South Africa. We ascribe the key to our success to the relentless focus on the design and construction of some of the highest quality concrete floors throughout South Africa.

Flooring Trendsetters

At CLF we are proud of being a company of many firsts, with the introduction of laser screed technology to the South African concrete flooring market, we paved our way to becoming a company with innovation at the forefront of our operations.  Shortly after the introduction of the laser screed machine, we became the first company in South Africa to design and place seamless floors in South Africa. 

The streak of firsts didn’t end there and CLF went on to become the first company in South Africa to design and construct a prime composite seamless floor.  The construction of this seamless floor required 50% less cement than a traditional concrete floor, whilst being entirely free of joints.  We are proud of the accomplishment of being awarded the contract to construct the first large panel DM1 floor, a floor of 20,000m2 of high tolerance flooring for a warehouse in South Africa.

Most recently, CLF has become one of the first concrete flooring companies in South Africa to own a Dry Shake spreader machine which enables us to improve our operational efficiency even further by speeding up the process of dry shake application.

Where the road leads

We look forward to bringing more technological advances to concrete flooring in South Africa in future to ensure we offer clients the highest quality design and placement of concrete flooring solutions nationwide.