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Damaged packhouse floors? We can help

It’s important that concrete packhouse floors are even, clean and in perfect condition in order to ensure productivity and reduce damage to products and forklifts.
If your floor is damaged and costing you money; ruining productivity and forklifts, get in touch with Concrete Laser Flooring. We can help you to optimise the use of your packhouse floor and cut operating costs.

As a grower and distributor of fruit, nuts and vegetables, the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your distribution function is paramount. We are aware that packhouses form a critical part of this distribution function. Furthermore packhouses generally have a concrete floor which is probably the most important component of the structure. Concrete floors, just like any other asset, deteriorate and can get damaged as they are used in the everyday function of storage and distribution.

A damaged concrete floor, in turn, can damage forklifts and other materials handling equipment often requiring expensive repairs and maintenance. In addition, a damaged floor slows down productivity and costs your operation time and money.


If your packhouse concrete floor is damaged, requiring repair or upgrade or if you require the construction of a new concrete floor, please contact us for an assessment and a quotation.