Industrial Floor Repairs

Joint repair of industrial concrete floor
Joint Repairs

Most concrete experts agree that the most common area where concrete floors become damaged, is the joints.

Concrete floor crack repair in warehouse
Crack Repairs

Cracks in your concrete floor can be either “cosmetic” or “structural” with regards to their impact on your floor and business.

Injection grouting of an industrial concrete floor
Injection Grouting

This method involves injecting a non-shrink grout below the panels to fill in the voids is an accepted repair method.

Freezer Repairs

Freezer facilities require highly specialised repair methodologies and products due to the sub-zero operational temperatures.

Repair of surface delamination on an industrial concrete floor
Delamination Repairs

Floors which exhibit surface issues such as weak abrasion resistance or surface delamination can be easily repaired using CLF’s refined repair techniques.

Bolt repair on an industrial concrete floor where racking has been moved
Bolt Repairs

Floor users are continually revising operational layouts and strategies which often lead to the moving of racking and fencing.

Level Repairs

CLF has incorporated methodologies using specialist grinding and appropriate screeds to improve floor levels as required.