Crack Repairs

Cracks in your concrete floor can be either “cosmetic” or “structural” with regards to their impact on your floor and business.

What this means is that you need to be guided by the correct expertise to understand the crack, and how to best manage it going forward.

The biggest mistake made by contractors and consultants is the inability to accurately determine the cause of the defect. This leads to a doubtful repair specification using incorrect materials.

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Simplistically, a “cosmetic” crack is one which is generally fine in nature, and has a reduced risk of impacting on your business. It is important to have this crack attended to, for without proper management and maintenance it can lead to further damage and impact to your floor.

The “structural” crack is one where the structural integrity of the floor may be compromised due to the crack. This means that without immediate and proper intervention, your floor will have localised failings, and potentially lead to further damage, and of course financial costs.

The CLF team is trained to identify the crack, and with the right engagement understand the potential causes of the crack. This begins with an investigation into the cause of the defect. Once determined, we are able to

draw down on years of contracting experience combined with excellent repair product and equipment to effect the necessary repairs. All repair work is carried out using dust free equipment and all work is unconditionally guaranteed.

Our CLF 10 Minute Concrete Mender TM – is proving extremely successful in undertaking repairs to concrete floors, which are completed within 10 minutes. A 2 part modified urethane, it penetrates deep into the concrete matrix and offers long lasting repairs that accommodate very harsh environments. The product can be used outdoors to treat cracks, spalls, surface gouges, etc.

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