Freezer Repairs

Freezer facilities require highly specialised repair methodologies and products due to the sub-zero operational temperatures.

There has been an exponential growth in the need for
industrial freezer space in South Africa over the past two decades. These freezers operate at temperatures generally between -10° C and -30° C. And just like any other industrial facility the concrete floors inside these freezers are subjected to wear and tear through normal usage and the additional challenges due to the sub-zero temperatures.

To repair and maintain the floors in these freezers, without affecting the operational needs of the user, specialised products and methodologies are required.

CLF has spent a considerable amount of time and research in sourcing such products from all over the world and have developed appropriate systems to achieve superior repairs in sub-zero temperatures. The repair methodologies and products are very efficient and therefore require a minimum of downtime and operational disruption to the user.


CLF have carried out very successful repair projects for
clients such as Vector Logistics, the Queally Group, Reefer, Digistics, Excellent Meats and Imperial Cold Logistics.

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