New Industrial Flooring

By combining latest, state of the art equipment with best practice, we undertake a variety of flooring contracts on a national basis. Utilising a fleet of five laser screed machines, ride on power trowels, soft cut equipment and a range of world renowned products, we produce some of South Africa’s finest floors.
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From the 90 000m2 Unilever Distribution Centre in Boksburg to the 11 000m2 post tensioned jointless floor for BMW in Rosslyn, we have done them all. Laser screed floors to FM2 flatness tolerances are readily achieved and we have also undertaken many specialist installations of “superflat” and DM1 floors for the likes of Nike, Revlon and RTT.

Our offering is varied and includes the design, supply and installation of laser screed floors to FM2/FM2 “Special” tolerances, “superflat” and DM2/DM1 floors, steel fibre reinforced jointless floors, post tensioned floors and continuously reinforced floors.  We design them, specify them and install them.

CLF’s concrete flooring construction uses a unique system:
This system ensures the use of the highest quality technical products available by our highly qualified concrete flooring construction teams, bringing flooring innovation to our clients to ensure world class quality flooring systems.

New Flooring Options

Jointless industrial flooring means racks can be placed anywhere
Jointless Flooring

As one of the latest technological advancements in concrete flooring, jointless flooring is now considered a must have.

Concrete screed floors for distribution centres and warehouses
Traditional Concrete Flooring

CLF offers this type of floor to our clients, along with our approach of offering concrete flooring technology on a global quality scale.

Hybrid concrete floor of low shrinkage concrete, steel fibres and hybrid RTZ mesh
Hybrid Concrete Flooring

CLF offers a hybrid flooring option which utilises low shrinkage concrete combined with a high dosage of steel fibres and a hybrid RTZ mesh.

Superflat concrete floors for warehouses
Super Flat Flooring

Flatness is all-important in many warehouse floors, where the main challenges are the efficient use of space, equipment and labour.

Steel fibres mixed into concrete are an economical design alternative for industrial and warehouse flooring
Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Conventional practice usually concentrates welded wire fabric reinforcement within a single plane of a floor slab.

Post-tensioned floors are a type of jointless concrete flooring for industrial facilities
Post Tension

The post tensioning entails the insertion of high tensile steel cables in two directions in the slab that are pre-stressed in two stages.

Concrete hard stands installed at outdoor area of Courier Guy to withstand heavy trucks and traffic

Concrete is the ideal material for the construction of parking and working areas around buildings, specifically warehousing facilities.

Damaged concrete industrial floor replaced and repaired through an overlay project

CLF offers both a bonded and an unbonded overlay option to rejuvenate any facility floor that is still structurally sound.

Installation of a concrete deck for parking

Often industrial and commercial facilities require the professional construction of concrete decks.