Hard Stands

Concrete is the ideal material for the construction of parking and working areas around buildings, specifically Warehousing facilities which require high volumes of receiving and outbound of products.

Concrete It provides a hard-wearing surface which drains well at low gradients. Concrete resists spillages of diesel and other petroleum-based products. Concrete is relatively light in colour and hence concrete parking areas are easy to illuminate.

High quality, durable, attractive hard stands can be produced in-situ concrete.

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Guidance on the design of in-situ concrete hard stands should be done in consultation with the relevant Professional Team including but not limited to Engineers and Specialist Flooring Contractors.

Careful consideration needs to be given to the thickness of the slab and joint layouts to ensure the full benefit of concrete’s excellent long-term durability performance is achieved. The rigidity of an in-situ concrete slab enables it to spread imposed loads over a sufficiently large area of the underlying soil so that any deflections are small. Concrete slabs also resist indentation by the dolly wheels or pads on the front legs of lorry trailers and the surface can be textured to provide skid resistance.

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