Super Flat Flooring

Flatness is all-important in many warehouse floors, where the main challenges are the efficient use of space, equipment and labour. Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking systems maximise space utilisation.
Warehouses with high racking systems need to have exceptionally flat floors as even the slightest inconsistency at ground level can have significant consequences for the operation, as an uneven surface may cause the vehicle to tip, or stock may be packaged unevenly, and create safety hazards for employees.
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There are essentially two methods for defining floor flatness requirements. Floors are divided into Free Movement Areas (FM) and Defined Movement Areas (DM).


The FM criteria is where trucks operate at low level in random, non-defined directions, when moving such as marshalling areas, block stacking areas and aisles greater than 2.8m wide.


DM areas refer to systems where the trucks are constrained to defined, fixed paths such as Very Narrow Aisle (VNA).

How can one achieve a defined traffic aisle flat floor in existing distribution centres/warehouses?

Either spot grinding of high spots or laser level grinding to a certain depth. Once the RackTrack Profilograph has measured the floor for flatness, levelness and transverse properties laser level grinding would be the preferred option to bring the floor up to Superflat, Cat 1 or Cat 2 quality. Some careful grinding considerations are that spot grinding can sometimes cause rutting and excessive laser grinding can result in exposing of the aggregate and potential weakening of the concrete and one would have to apply densifiers and sealers. Technical Data SF 01

Planning for the future immediately – all in one solution that brings aisles to superflat condition and allows racking to exceed 13m.

  • Grinding of aisles to remove coatings, epoxies, loose screeds. Also levelling of curled construction joints.
  • Evaluation and stabilization of construction and movement joints using the Scancem Joint Stabiliser. Restores positive load transfer, quick and easy permanent solution
  • RackTrack Profilograph to measure the surface regularity according to properties 1, 2 and 3.
  • Overlay of Scancem Superflat:
    • Fast clean pumpable installation – reduce loss of earnings
    • High abrasion resistance
    • High wear resistance to wheel traffic – 10x better than concrete and long lasting
    • Extremely high superflat levelling tolerances
    • Total economy from application to ongoing maintenance
    • Movement joints mirrored in the screed with CLF prefabricated movement profile
    • Long term maintenance programme of the aisles to ensure economy and efficiency CLF Superflat Solutions will ensure your operation runs at maximum and safe efficiency

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