Other Industrial Flooring Solutions from CLF

Along with our specialist offering of placing high tolerance industrial concrete floors, our teams of experts offer a range of other solutions for the concrete flooring sector. CLF takes pride in being industry leaders through innovation and ideation within the flooring industry and therefore shares our technical knowledge on products and processes by method of technical downloads to ensure a thorough understanding of our concrete flooring solutions.

CLF is able to offer systems which include epoxy, polyurethane, polyureas and polyaspartic systems, depending on project requirements and specifications.


Our fleet of planetary diamond grinders are also used country wide to undertake floor grinding and polishing projects.


Floor flatness is a non-negotiable specification for warehousing and distribution facility floors, based on the need for high level racking and high productivity forklifts.

Specialised Flooring Products

CLF ensures that their arsenal of appropriate specialised products remains up to date and relevant to meet the ever changing needs of the market.


There is a growing demand throughout industry for preventative maintenance of concrete floors to be carried out on a regular basis.