Pouring new industrial concrete floors

New Flooring

By combining latest, state of the art equipment with best practice, we undertake a variety of flooring contracts on a national basis. Utilising a fleet of five laser screed machines, ride on power trowels, soft cut equipment and a range of world renowned products, we produce some of South Africa’s finest floors.


FIRRMS (Floor Inspection, Repair, Renovation and Maintenance Solutions) is used all over the continent by leading multinationals. Damaged floors, particularly damaged joints in floors, are a nightmare for facility owners and floor users as they damage wheels and systems of forklifts and cause other major operational problems. CLF offers a selection of FIRRMS solutions suited to your specific requirements.

Repairing industrial concrete flooring


Our services include 24 hour joint rehabilitation, injection grouting, grinding to improve levels, application of self-level screeds to achieve DM 2 tolerances, crack repair, crack stitching and other specialist repair services.

Our experienced teams use state of the art products sourced from all over the world which allow rapid repair, ensuring minimum operational downtime for the tenants and owners.


Our fleet of planetary diamond grinders are also used country wide to undertake floor grinding and polishing projects.

With our laser placement of floors, we are able to offer the client a very flat and level floor that is easier to polish.

Polished concrete floors by Concrete Laser Flooring
Industrial floor coating applicators


CLF are nationally approved applicators for all the major and recognised suppliers within South Africa.

From this standing we are able to offer coating systems which include epoxy, polyurethane, polyureas and polyaspartic systems, depending on project requirements and specifications.


The CLF RACKTRACK PROFILOGRAPH measures floor surface regularity in accordance with the UK Concrete Society’s TR 34, 4th specification.

This highly accurate laser measurement device measures transverse and longitudinal profiles along defined wheel paths and replicates the movement of the MHE.

CLF RACKTRACK PROFILOGRAPH measures floor surface regularity