Case Study: Linbro Park Development

CLF recently installed a seamless flooring solution at a warehouse in Linbro Park

Project Aim:

Installing seamless flooring in the warehouse as part of a specialised property development for client.

Historically, traditional jointed concrete floors (saw cut) in warehouses with heavily trafficked aisles, have required repairs and maintenance on a regular basis as a result of the joints deteriorating due to the high traffic.  Apart from the direct depreciation in value of the owners asset (ie. the floor), this damage to the joints results in additional indirect costs to the client such as damage to wheels, bearings and computer equipment on forklifts (MHV’s), stock loss due to load tipping, reduced productivity rates and a risk as far as the health and safety of the forklift drivers is concerned.  

Seamless flooring is becoming a more frequently specified concrete flooring option to address the shortcomings of jointed concrete floors. 

The Solution: Concrete Laser Flooring constructed a Seamless concrete floor in a warehouse for Capital Properties in Long Lakes, Linbro Park.

Using a specialised concrete mix with a high saturation of steel fibres the floor is constructed in much larger panels surrounded by steel construction joints which are adequately dowelled to ensure seamless load transfer. Having no saw cut joints there is a guarantee of minimised maintenance costs to the landlord.

The process of constructing this 28 500 m² seamless floor included the use of a Laser Screed Machine to ensure the achievement of the specified levels and flatness.

Project Summary: