Diamond Dock System, Hilti Warehouse

CLF was awarded the contract to supply and install its patented Diamond Dock System for the project
Hilti Warehouse, Waterfall Estate, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

The Diamond Dock – a precast dock leveler – was developed by the concrete flooring experts – CLF, Concrete Laser Flooring Pty Ltd – at the request of many main contractors who have found constructing these pits increasingly difficult as a result of tight programmes.

Comprising of composite concrete elements and all the finest detailing the Diamond Dock is delivered to site and handled into position using a teleporter or the like and sets up very quickly. It has Diamond Dowels cast into the face of the frame to provide load transfer mechanism between the floor and the dock. On the front face of the dock is an armoured joint to prevent deterioration of the concrete under forklift traffic – this typically being the weakest area of the docks over time.

Floor System

Seamless Floor on grade using steel fibre reinforced anti-shrinkage concrete.

The steel fibres, together with the anti-shrinkage chemicals were added using a specially designed integration machine located on site and manned by experienced CLF operators. Afrisam, the readymix concrete supplier, delivered concrete to site at a rate in excess of 35-40m³ per hour.


About Diamond Dock

CLF Diamond Dock is a revolutionary high-tech approach to construction of dock leveler pits in Warehouse Construction. Using high dosage rate of steel fibre reinforcement coupled with anti-shrinkage concrete and special quality – management techniques, we are able to produce Composite concrete that is tougher, stronger, crack-free and ecologically friendly.

CLF Diamond Dock…used in warehouses, large stores, car parks, industrial factories, sports halls and many other facilities.