CLF Diamond Docks at Big Foot

Dock Levellers are used to ensure optimal bridging between a truck and the warehouse floor, and includes a jacking system installed into a concrete frame to easily to compensate for any height difference.

CLF’s patented precast dock frame, with built in revolutionary CLF Diamond Dowel load transfer and CLF Armoured Viper joint edge protection, is designed to reduce the risk, time and frustration by allowing easy, accurate and convenient installation and most importantly, improving program time.


The CLF Diamond Dock is crane placed on precisely leveled shims or sub-base to ensure correct alignment. Leveling plates in four corners of the dock allow for easy, accurate adjustment to levels. Back-filled with soilcrete against 3 sides of the dock, colloidal or bedding grout can be pumped into the grouting ports to remove voids beneath the dock floor.


Big Foot Installation