Case Study: Premier Valves

Concrete Laser Flooring was contracted to install a new warehouse floor over a pre-existing floor at Premier Valves in Alrode.
Project Aim:

Construction of a traditional concrete floor as an overlay and applying a dry shake hardener to ensure superior strength to the concrete floor surface.

Premier Valves, a large manufacturer and supplier of valves situated in Alrode has been in the business of producing high quality valves for over 50 years and have recently decided to utilise one of their older warehouses by upgrading the structure. 

CLF was contracted to construct a traditional, jointed concrete floor of 3000m2 at the premises over a 2 day period.  The project relied on the pouring and placing of concrete using a laser screed machine to ensure quicker and precise levelling of the concrete after which CLF’s Titan Top Dry Shake Hardener was applied by making use of CLF’s newly aquired Dry Shake Spreader machine.  This machine applies the Titan Top through a hydraulic dispenser, calibrated to dispense the material precisely in accurate amounts. By using such a machine the process is accelerated allowing the overall job to be completed faster and more efficiently. After the application of the dry shake hardener, the concrete floor was power floated using ride on machines. The floor was then saw cut into panels as specified by the engineer using a Soffcut saw cutting machine, to ensure that cracking will not occur in the floor. The saw cut joints will later be filled using a specific joint filler. 

The installation of this concrete floor solution ensures that the property owner can get good use out of the warehouse for another 10 to 15 years.

Project Summary: